HYCU is providing 1 TB of backup for Nutanix customers that are looking to take advantage of Nutanix latest offer of 1 TB of storage capacity for its powerful file storage solution, Nutanix Files. The HYCU offer supports the new offering which is more than enough to provide a department share for important workloads. HYCU was the first company to support Nutanix Change File Tracking API to deliver efficient and scale-out backup for Nutanix Files and delivers even more:

  • Increased performance: Backups, including the first can be done in parallel and in a fraction of the time with traditional file services.
  • Dramatically cut backup time: by copying just incremental file changes, backup times are significantly reduced.
  • Increase Recovery Point Objective: by being able to run a lot of frequent backups, there are little to no worries about bogging down systems. 

What does this offer include?
This is a full version, not a trial of the HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix Files. Customers will receive 1TB backup to match the 1TB capacity of Nutanix Files storage capacity. There is no expiration of this offer meaning it is ‘free-for-life’. 

How Do I Sign Up?
By filling out this form, you will receive the 1 TB of HYCU backup and recovery as well as the license to activate this functionality in your HYCU instance. 

Need additional capacity?
Need more than 1TB of data protection? No problem, you can purchase additional capacity licenses without any re-installation or configuration. Capacity licenses can be added and purchased as you grow.

Want to know more?
For additional details, our HYCU sales team can provide you the answers you are looking for and will be happy to assist. Contact us at info@hycu.com.